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Introduction to Allrail’s W-Beam Guardrail:

Allrail’s W-Beam Guardrails are a testament to enduring road safety. Crafted for robustness and resilience, these pre-owned guardrails deliver high-level protection for unforeseeable situations. Our selection of W-Beam Guardrails, meticulously refurbished and quality-assured, matches the reliability and sturdiness of new products. They are not merely reused; they’re rejuvenated, ensuring top-notch value.

Select Your Preferred Size:

  • Extended Panel – 26 feet
  • Compact Panel – 13 feet 6 inches

Versatile Uses Beyond Roadways:

Allrail’s W-Beam Guardrails excel in various settings:

  • Livestock Feed Bunks: Convert these sturdy guardrails into durable feed bunks for your animals. Their long-lasting build withstands daily wear and tear, offering an economical feeding solution.
  • Water Erosion Control: Utilize their robust construction for effective water erosion management. The W-Beam’s strength efficiently counters constant water flow, preventing soil erosion and safeguarding the environment.
  • Greenhouse Water Management: Add a sustainable edge to your greenhouses. Employ W-Beam Guardrails to create water channels, facilitating effective water reuse and ensuring optimal hydration for your plants.

Embrace Sustainability with Allrail:

Choose Allrail’s Pre-Owned W-Beam Guardrails for a renewed purpose in your projects, combining sustainability with uncompromised strength and functionality.

W Beam Spec Sheet
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